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Happy New Year to all our fans and friends!

2011 has been a little … complicated,
but all that mess should be cleaned up now,
so 2012 will become more productive!

In 2011 development has stalled slightly,
but never stopped.

Huge things to come.

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TUM 2011

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Same procedure as every year.
We are proud to sponsor TUM 2011


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Demodays / Buenzli

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Enjoying demodays.

Freshening up old connections
and recharging motivation.

See you on the other side.

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Demodays / Buenzli

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Once again we are a proud sponsor of Demodays (also know as Buenzli).

Sponsoring the demoscene has been a long time tradition for us
and we don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

If you don’t know what a demoparty is, check this wikipedia article.


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I’m sure you all have heard about yesterdays WWDC keynote.

The next big thing iCloud.

So what has that to do with us.

A lot!

While there are a lot of tools and engines out there that you can use to develop your game
our approach has always been supply a framework and keep the code native.


And that’s exactly the approach apple is taking.

Put the data in the (i)Cloud, but keep the apps native.

While google (like flash or unity3d) takes the

put the app in a VM (aka browser).


Both have pros and cons,
but for us the dealbreaker is the overhead th VM introduces.

Being confirmed by apples actions and decisions is a big honor.

We will stay on our track.

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