GDC 2009

August 19 2009

Game Developer Conference 2009 Europe in Cologne is over. Met some old friends and made some new ones.

The whole thing was pretty exhausting. Listening to presentations, panels and keynotes forthe whole day, networking during the breaks and “partying” all night.

Actually I skipped the Gameforge party on monday, but made more than up for it at the Crytek party on tuesday.

All Gamefolks are crazy. And I like it. Even some weird “sunny delight” stories ;)

Overall it was quite a success. Many good new contacts. Even more good ideas. New ones for stuff to try and to use and some solutions that might solve current problems.

Not much work on the framework or UI this week. I was just too tired.

I almost forgot. We’ll start using lace-build as a build system. It’s based on the same system that we are using already, but looks like one generation further, so it’ll save some time.

Good night. I’ll keep you posted.