Status - Andreas

November 9 2009

The bad news: Over the last 4 weeks I only had about 4hours in total to work on Omni-Mad stuff :( About 2 hours at the End of October and about 2 hours this weekend.

The good news: In the first 2 hours I managed to: a) Get the Mac Version working again (the dreaded Carbon to Cocoa translation). (And yes, I will give you the promised sample code, but first I have to fix some minor things … and that is pretty low on my list right now.) b) Created a bunch of tests for the platform/window/context code. This should make it a lot easier to port to a new platform in the future. c) Cleaned up the platform code … using the said tests.

In the other 2 hours I managed to work on “Crazy Air” [Codename] again. This included the following: a) Level converter, kevel loader, in-game level selection and 3 sample levels are done. b) Game over and level completed handling are done. (About 99%.) c) The build utilities have been extracted from “Crazy Air” and can now be shared with the other projects. d) The asset-build has been automated. e) The font system is fixed. Before the alpha was broken and only one font could be used. f) “Speed” controls have been added to the game. (Including pause…)

That might not seem like a lot, but the game (prototype) is about 90% finished now. Soon there will be some gameplay tests, before I go and fix all the small glitches. There is simply no need to make the graphics perfect if I don’t know if the game will be entertaining. (It is for me, but I want some extra players…)