Status - Andreas

December 1 2009

Just another quick status update, before you forget we/I exist ;)

Didn’t have a lot of time during november, but created some. The only thing that seems to be limitless is time. There are always ways to find more.

Here is a randomly sorted list of stuff that I managed to squeeze in:

  • Window resizing for OSX and Linux with fixed aspect ratio. It feels so much better to play in a bigger window.

  • Added score and cash handling. Game logic is almost complete with this.

  • Implemented pools for game objects. Constantly newing and deleting was just fragmenting the memory.

  • Added various helpers for easier creation of dialogs.

  • Added animation converter and loader. Dialog animations are much easier to tweak this way. No editor yet.

  • Added Level 4. Also added some extra features needed for this level.

  • Added graphs to our subversion statistics. This is a huge motivational help.

Overall the game (and the framework) got a huge push forward. It will still be hard to make the alpha deadline in december, but we are trying.

I also got a quick update from our artist, but didn’t actually see the new graphics yet.

Our windows developer is still missing…