Gianas Return - V0.997

January 11 2010

Managed to build an .app of Gianas Return. Packaging SDL based apps for OSX takes a little bit more effort than I like, but our games are based on the native APIs anyway.

Check out: GianasReturn-v0.997.dmg And let us know what you think.

Since Kojote is away, there is no artwork (.dmg background, .app icon), but I’m sure we’ll add that to the next version.

There are some commandline parameters that you can use (scaling, fullscreen, etc), but for this version you are on your own to find out how ;)

Update: Due to a little uncaught typo the last .DMG still had a wrong library reference in it. Try this version instead: GianasReturn-v0.997b.dmg

We don’t have a dedicated QA at the moment, but rest ensured: All our games will be thouroughly tested before shipping.

Update 2: Yet another version: GianasReturn-v0.997c.dmg

Sorry for the confusion, but SDL is a little bit … erm … complicated…