May 17 2010

Yes, there has been a serious lack of updates lately, but that doesn’t mean we vanished.

Bad news first: - Steffen, who is along time friend and was one of our candidates, decided to pursue his own targets, in his own way and time. We still stay in contact and are more than happy to consider his feedback, but for the time being he will not be joining us. - “Mr.X”, one of our silent funders, has also left us due to some personal circumstances. While this is a serious blow in budget and business expertise, we fully understand his reasons. - The acquisition of office space failed. We had some good candidates, but in the end we decided that none of them was really a perfect fit, so we are still looking. (Maybe the initiative will help us.)

Good news: - A lot of development took place behind the scenes. - V0.8 of CrazyAir has been finished, just slightly behind schedule. - Looks like we have new project and with it a new developer. (More on that later…)